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FNL Cup 2016

Between 14th and 23rd of February 2016 the Russian Football National League held the cup in Cyprus. Traditionally the FNL cup is held during the leagues’ mid-season break, as well as in the location where most of the leagues’ teams are training. 2016 has seen an unprecedented number of Russian football teams for mid season training from Premier League, First as well as Second Leagues. Thus the cup was held in Cyprus. Sixteen teams took part in this year’s cup:

F.C Arsenal Tula, F.C Baltika, F.C Chertanovo, F.C Fakel, F.C Krasnodar-2, F.C Gazovik Orenburg, F.C Shinnik, F.C Sibir, F.C SKA Energia, F.C Spartak Moscow-2, F.C Tomsk, F.C Tyumen, F.C Volgar-Astrakhan, F.C Volgar-Astrakhan-2, F.C Yenisey, F.C Zenit-2

AndroSports & Leisure is proud in helping the following teams take part in this tournament. We would like to thank the teams for choosing our company services as well as trusting us during the critical time of mid-season training. We would like to congratulate F.C Orenburg (formally F.C Gazovik Orenburg) on winning the cup, as well as wining FNL in 2015-2016 season and being promoted to the Russian Premier League.

F.C Tomsk                                06/02 – 24/02/16         Golden Bay

F.C Sibir                                    09/02 – 25/02/16         Constantinos

F.C Tyumen                             09/02 – 25/02/16         Nissi Beach Hotel

F.C Ska Energia                       09/02 – 24/02/16         E-Hotel

F.C Enisey Krasnondar          10/02 – 24/02/16         Pavlo Napa

F.C Arsenal Tula                     10/02 – 24/02/16         Episkopiana

F.C Fakel                                  10/02 – 24/02/16         Napa Mermaid

F.C Spartak-2                          10/02 – 25/02/16         Napa Mermaid

F.C Gazovik Orenburg           11/02 – 26/02/16         Golden Bay

F.C Shinnik                              11/02 – 25/02/16         Aktea Village

F.C Volgar Astrakhan             12/02 – 27/02/16         Pavlo Napa

F.C Zenit-2                               12/02 – 25/02/16         Napa Mermaid

F.C Chertanovo                       13/02 – 25/02/16         Pavlo Napa

Karmiotissa Training Camp, Slovenia Summer 2016

AndroSports & Leisure in cooperation with World Soccer Evens Limited, is happy to announce the upcoming training camp for Karmiotissa Pano Polemidia from Limasol, Cyprus. The team is scheduled to depart to Maribor, Slovenia for their preseason training on the 18th of July 2016.

The team is going to be staying in the Arena Hotel, in Maribor Slovenia (http://www.hotel-arena.si/) for the duration of the training camp. They are going to be staying in this resort from 18th to the 28th of July 2016. This hotel is designed especially for the sports enthusiasts and professional sportsmen, it is situated at the foothills of Pohorje mountains and only 6 km away from the city center of Maribor.

Arena Hotel Maribor Slovenia

The Playgreen Football Center is located in the walking distance from the hotel. These standard sized training pitches are going to serve as training fields for the team in Slovenia. In preparation for the upcoming Cypriot football season the team is going to have at least 4 friendly games during this training camp.

All four friendly games have been decided:

20/07/2016 Karmiotissa vs NK Maribor (Slovenia) Game starts at 18:00 Slovenia Time

22/07/2016: Karmiotissa vs F.C. Amkar Perm (Russia) Game starts at 18:00 Slovenia Time

24/07/2016: Karmiotissa vs F.C. Ironi Ashdod (Israel) Game starts at 18:00 Slovenia Time

27/07/2016: Karmiotissa vs NK Zagreb (Croatia) Game starts at 18:00 Slovenia Time

The list of team members traveling has been announced [update July 14 2016]

Players: Adavovic Marko, Alexandros Michail, Alkiviadis Christofi, Andreas Fotiou, Andreas Andreou, Andreas Kyriakou, Andreas Stavrou, Arocha Hernan. Ruben, Charalampos Kairinos, Dragojevic Andrija, Ilias Vatti, Ioannis Savva, Kartsampas Christos, Kleanthis Piei, Konstantinos Dimitriou, Kyriakou Evgenios, Nikolas Loukaidis, Nyktaris Michalandreas, Pieri Ioannis, Poljanec David, Pozoglou Stylianos, Savvas Kyprou, Stamatis Pant, Svab Daniel, Taralidis Ioannis, Theodorou Panos, Tsolakidis Ioannis, Venizelos Singrasidis and Voskanyan Taron.

Head Coach: Liasis Loukas

Fitness Coach: Chrysostomou Chrysostomos

Goalkeeper Coach: Takis Taki

Coach: Germanos Christos

Team Doctor: Fanos Hadjicosti

Vice President: Pantelakis Andronikou

Group Leader: Tasos Kalathas

Board Members: Prodromos Diamantidis and Vrachimis  Dimitris

Support staff: Loukas Champou, Andreas Loukaidis, Angelos Ilia and Panagiotis Aimilianou

Karmiotissa took the first place in the Cypriot Second division in 2015/2016 season, and in the 2016/2017 season will take part in the Cypriot First division.

Karmiotissa vs NK Maribor friendly

Friendly International Game Karmiotissa VS NK MARIBOR

Karmiotissa vs Amkar Perm Friendly

Friendly International Game 22/07/2016 Karmiotissa vs Amrar Perm

Friendly Karmiotissa vs Ashdod F.C. Friendly

Friendly International Game Karmiotissa vs FC Ashdod 24/07/2016

Karmiotissa vs NK Zagreb Friendly

Friendly GInternational Game Karmiotissa vs NK Zagreb 27/07/2016